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Why With the Filipinos?

Isn’t trending? The #WithTheFilipinos.

It was launched last January during the 65th Ms Universe season. It brings some teary eyes to others (including yours truly) but others called it a bit cheesy (like my partner)

I created my twitter account yesterday (Please follow my twitter account @myredbackpack) and followed different travel accounts including the Philippine’s Deparment of Tourism. And I re-tweeted their new TV commercial and campaign “ANAK” with the official hashtag #WithTheFilipinos.

It was shot at the Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao De Sur. The archipelagos of the Philippines are known for our wonderful beaches. Even me as a local tourist, fell in love over and over again with Palawan, Cebu, Boracay and many more. But these archipelagos are also have something to give on land. So for me this campaign chosen a perfect location.

This campaign also focus on the values of the Filipinos. I get it, every nation are all different. 

I attended a cultural training before and the speaker asked the crowd “What are the things foreign people love about Filipino?” 

Someone yelled “Our hospitality!”, the other said “We are good in English” and the last one said “…because we are always smiling”. Which I am proud to say that I am a Filipino! I haven’t watch the other campaign video of the department in the past but it is good to see that they also includes our values in this campaign.

What I most like about this campaign is seeing a mother in a picnic feeding her children. And then the mother gave the guy a “kakanin’ and said “The fish are eating. So, should you Anak”. (I really miss my Nanay so much). Because that is what we are being Filipinos. We care so much with other people around us. No matter where they come from as long as they’re visitors of our place, they are truly welcome and appreciated. Feels like a mother to her children.

As a Filipino, I should give this campaign 5 stars! And we would like to see more.

Me and my Best BudSquads (Name of my friends) will be planning to take a trip to Davao by November. Then we will have a side trip to Surigao and for sure I will right about this place soon. 

I would love to hear your feedback. You can comment below or tweet me at my twitter account.

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